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Why Minerva?

Designed to be Different

Comprised of pioneers, thought leaders, and industry veterans, we are in business to effect change. We know what doesn’t work and where the vulnerabilities lie and our mission is to implement improvements to provide superior service to our customers and advance our nation’s cybersecurity.

We leverage insights and success across inter/intra agency strategic, operational, and tactical levels of execution to inform our holistic offering of cyber strategy, policy, operations, and development services.


Minerva Cyber Technologies is deeply skilled with hands-on experience in all aspects of federal cyberspace operations (offense and defense) and intelligence, and the overarching and supporting activities that drive them.

We bring low-density, high-demand skillsets and deliver high-impact results for our clients.


Our businesses are under attack. Cybercrime is everywhere and bad actors don’t discriminate. We can help you assess vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, develop a prioritized roadmap to reduce your attack surface, and implement a scalable solution that leverages your IT investments.

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